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Appliance Repairs Bangor


Get rid of washing machine smells

Here’s an example of the level of gunge that can build up inside a washing machine.

Large deposits of grease, slime, and undissolved detergent have built up on the underside of this door seal, which can cause smells. If you were to wash greasy plates in a plastic washing-up bowl with the water at 40 degrees you would expect the plates to come clean but when emptying the bowl there is likely to be a greasy film coating it. To break down grease you need higher temperatures. Washing the same plates at 60 degrees or higher I would expect the grease to be dissolved more effectively.

To check if your washing machine appliance is being badly affected, carefully examine the inside of the door seal for slime and grease. Pull the lip back in front of the drum and look underneath and on the lip of the tub. If the door seal is covered in black mould it will probably need replacing.